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Empower your digital journey with Shrinkr, the premier link shortener. Streamline your online presence, enhance tracking, and maximize your impact with our robust features.

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Shrinkr unites your online presence, captivates your audience.

Boost your online presence with Shrinkr, the premier link shortener. Streamline your digital journey, enhance tracking, and maximize your impact with user-friendly features.

  • Profile and bio-links management
  • Custom slug
  • Analytics & reporting
Analytics & Tracking

Analytics superpowers: Shrinkr tracks clicks, reveals insights, fuels success

Scale your link impact with Shrinkr: Powerful URL shortening & analytics, made easy. Master campaigns, understand your audience, achieve sustainable growth.

  • Monitoring & event data
  • Continent-wise & country-wise clicks
  • User agent analysis



0 /month

For the bio-link page

  • Short links
  • Analytics & tracking
  • QR codes
  • Bio-link
  • Bio-link Analytics & tracking

  • Tags for links
  • Campaigns for links
  • Links/month
  • days of click data
  • 1 Bio-link
  • tracked clicks


9 /month

For startups & small businesses

  • Short links
  • Analytics & tracking
  • QR codes
  • Bio-link
  • Bio-link Analytics & tracking

  • 50 Tags for links
  • 20 Campaign for links
  • 100 Links/month
  • 90 days of click data
  • 1 Bio-link
  • 10000 tracked clicks/mo

Easy link Management unleashed

Grow smarter, not harder: Shrinkr, the SaaS that empowers your links and online success.

Short Links

Streamline your URLs effortlessly, making them not only concise but also memorable. Share links that resonate and captivate your audience.

Analytics & Tracking

Gain insights into the performance of your links. Understand your audience and refine your strategies with our analytics tools.

QR Codes

Seamlessly bridge the gap between digital and physical worlds. Generate QR codes instantly to enhance user experience and make your campaigns more accessible.

Tags for Links

Organize and categorize your links effortlessly. With customizable tags, manage your links efficiently and keep your campaigns well-structured.

Campaigns for Links

Elevate your marketing game with specialized campaigns. Tailor your links for different initiatives, track their success, and refine your approach for maximum impact.

Custom 404 pages

Say goodbye to generic error messages and transform your user experience with our customizable 404 pages.


What is a URL shortener?

A URL shortener is a tool that condenses long and complex URLs into shorter, more manageable links. These shortened URLs redirect users to the original, longer URL when clicked. This service is useful for sharing links in a concise and visually appealing manner, particularly on platforms with character limits or where space is limited.

What are the benefits of a short URL shortener?
  • Space-saving: Short URLs are more concise, saving characters in text messages, social media posts, or other limited-space platforms.
  • Improved Aesthetics: Short URLs are visually cleaner and more user-friendly.
  • Tracking and Analytics: Most URL shorteners offer analytics, providing insights into click-through rates, geographic location of users, and more.
  • Enhanced Shareability: Short URLs are easier to share verbally, in print, and through QR codes.
Can I change my subscription at any time?

Absolutely! Shrinkr offers the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time. Simply log in to your account, navigate to the subscription settings, and make the desired changes.

What is a QR code?

A QR code, or Quick Response code, is a two-dimensional barcode that stores information, often a URL. When scanned with a smartphone or QR code reader, it directs the user to the associated URL. QR codes are a convenient way to share information, such as short URLs, in a visual and easily scannable format.

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